Sunday, December 26, 2010

My favorite Christmas gift this year...

Normally being dad and all I spend my money on the kids, ol' lady, and a few others and that dosnt really leave much for me to get anything (which Im good with because Im not half the grinch as I come off as). But, this year Holly set aside alittle something for me and got me pretty much the only item I wanted...

Now many of us old players remember the ancient White Dwarf article of the Badab War and there are quite a few changes (for the most part pretty good...however I miss the Tiger Claws and the Space Sharks have undergone some major changes). All in all pretty cool . Also got the second one on pre-order. Of all the Forge WOrld products the Imperail Armour books are the only items I always get and this keeps my collection up to date. Holly isnt too much into gaming but she does her best to let me have time to play with my little army men, dosnt complain when I have my hobby crap all over the place, and does her best to help me support my hobby. What more can I ask for?

Forge World has also started a feed on you tube. The first three discuss the two Badab books and are interesting in a nerdy sort of way only gamers might find interesting...

So if you are into Marines and modelling I would suggest checking the book out if you have the chance. As with all the other Imperail Armour books the lists and rules arent really geared towards competitve play so if youre a tourney gamer only you might want to pass unless you just want it for all the eye candy and fluff.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the Hoos out there

Normally Im kind of a BahmuthafookinHumbug kind of a guy but this year I thought Id come down off the mountain and tell all of you hoos out in Hooville Merry Christmas...

Best wishes to you all and hopefully the fat bastard in the red suit brought you everything you wanted. In all seriousness I hope that you and your families have a good time, lots of great food, and the chance to  enjoy the moment and each other. Cheers.

Heres one last holiday treat for all of you this holiday season....enjoy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Terrain, Minis, and a little blathering

Ive been pretty good about making some "my time" to work on the hobby for alittle while now. I try to get at least an hour a day maybe alittle more on weekends. So for the last month or so I have occupied the dinner table (the kids are good with this as it means we get to watch TV while eating nowadys). I managed to take a few pics of my work and workload (which is always subject to change as I suffer from frequent bouts of the " Oooh Shineyyy" syndrome or "what the hell was I working on agian?" First up is some of the buildings I have been slowly painting and assembling for our WWII games.

A ruined police station that has been used by the germans

Next is a building being used as an Aid Station

And some miscellaneous ruins...

And whats next....

Sorry for the pics not being the best quality but I will try to get some more this weekend when I have better lighting. If all keeps going well the plan is to have a fairly large town done by sometime in mid March or April so our group can run a large game with the british breakout near Caen or some Operation Market Garden action. Ill update as I make more progress.
Last but not least some of the =][=Munda stuff Im working on...
A True Scale Deathwatch Marine (More of a learning experience)

Finally a Rogue Psyker...I tried to make it look as if the ground in front of him was exploding outward as he unleashes his power. Not quite sure yet if it works.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More on =][=Munda

No posts in a year then two in one day what the hell is the world coming to? There are a few rulesets out there for =][=Munda.

Book of the Arbitrator
Torben Kastbjerg has put together the Book of the Arbitrator. This is a well made set of Fan made rules. Its readily apparent alot of work and thought went into this ruleset. There are some good ideas and concepts in there. He has made some major changes to the core rules which may or may not put people off. The rules are an in work progress and he has an expansion in work. Definantly worth checking out.

Jermey Olsen has released this set of rules which are add ons to the basic Necromunda ruleset. The rules are a work in progress and have quite a few warbands available. There is alot of possibility in this set. So check them out and let him know what you think at the Inquisimunda forum .

Both rulesets have threads started on some of the main 40k/ Necro forums DakkaDakka, Warseer, and Eastern Fringe.

Wow where the hell did the time go?

Cant believe I havent updated this blog yet (well really I can, but thats my story and Im sticking to it). Actually it was just one of them years where real life just ups and bites you in the ass. I havent spent much time in the hobby but have just started getting back into it. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way here is a basic run down of what Ive been working on:

1. More terrain for our WWII games (lately its been Rapid Fire! 2 as we've been doing larger games but for Skirmish games I prefer Nuts!. Now if we can get Ed over at 2 Hour Wargames to finish the larger scale 5150 game he is working on we can port it over to WWII). Terrain is mainly buildings with some woods templates thrown in. Ill try to take some pics in a day or two as work permits and post some pics in the next post

2. A long long time ago over on DakkaDakka a chap named Migsula and some of his friends started a roleplay light version of Necromunda (Sometimes called Inquisimunda, Broodheim, or more commonly just =][=Munda) and ran a campaign called The Jade Vessel (which can be found here Jade Vessel ). This thread had some of the most innovative ideas and models I had seen in years and generated quite a bit of hype and offshoots. Lots of diffenrent groups started making their own rulesets to run similar games but no one has actually finished it and everyone seems to have a different idea on how to run/ organize it as the numerous discussions over on Dakka would indicate . So earlier this year I started out making a set of rules for our group (The whole free form and just run with idea they used would never work with most of my gaming buddies and the levels of silliness would escalate to armageddon like proportions quickly). What started out as a simple set of add-on rules for Necromunda has grown way beyond what was intentionnally intended. The unfinished set is over 100+ pages and growing. I have included a few sample pages below.

Id like to thank the numerous people who have inspired these rules Migsula from DakkaDakka (for generating the whole idea), Caelwyn, Azure, and all the other peeps over at the  Eastern Fringe Forums (for great ideas and rules inspiration), Col. Kane, Pontiff, and the Tales from the Maelstrom and Jeriko Reach crew (great to keep old school alive you guys are awesome), Anthony Case for some great Necro Rules , and of course anyone else I may have forgotten, missed, overlooked, misplaced, or neglected. Thanks all.