Saturday, January 8, 2011

A small update and some minis

Hi all. Ive managed to overcome my apathy and avoid procrastination this week and made myself work on my models. For the most part Ive been working on some more of my minis for our 40K skirmish gaming. First up is the Deathwatch marine I posted WIPs for a little while ago. The Marine is from the Black Templar chapter so I went for a somewhat crusader look with loads of relics and religious icons to show his faith in the cause.

The last pic shows the size of the marine against an normal SM model. This was my first attempt at making a Truescale Marine. Overall Im happy with the results and think he came out OK. I did learn a few things while making the model which will help on the next one.

Next up is a little mutie I made. The original inspiration for this chap was themutant guardsman out of the old Inquisitor rulebook.

Again overall I am happy with the mini (if not my piss poor phot skills). The last pic is a scale shot with my True scale marine which shows how small and pitiful the poor sod is...

Also had the chance to finish up one of the statues from the Honored Imperium boxset.

and a preview of one of my upcoming projects.

One thing on my "to do" list is to get and area set up to take better pics...