Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Project

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but real life has reared its ugly head and kind of kept me entirely too busy for my liking. So ADD has struck this week and Ive started a new project (as if I didnt have too many ideas already but what the hell) . Ill take WIP shots as I go for those who have been asking about techniques and methods. Anyway on with the project....

Heres some inspiration to get in the mood

All props go to the origianl artists of the pics...
Alrighty then now that I was in the mood the plan is to take all this stuff

plus some pink foam, mdf, sting, turf/ scenic items, a crashed Valkryie (for that Apocolypse Now look), water effects, about 40 more palm type trees, and whatever else I can think of to make a jungle board. The green board is an old Warzone folding game board that I got off someone that was pretty well used up that I decided to refurbish and use as the base board for the project. The white areas on the board are standard Latex house paint mixed with sand and have been painted up in earth tones (got to dark to take pics of it tonight though).

Ill try and update the blog with this project on a regular basis.