Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An open letter to GW...

Having been in wargaming for the last 26 odd years I have learned to usually stay out of the GW discussions online only becuase it generally almost always turns into the same old arguments, rants, raves, bitches, whining, and moaning from most sides in the discussion. The folks at miniwargaming however have actually presented a good discussion without turning into the bull listed above.

On a side note I still buy GW products that I like or want but I tend to agree with most of his points. Anyway pass the video along if you agree with it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long overdue update on terrain board

Sorry for the lack of updates Id like to blame real life and work for all of it but mainly its becuase I just havent got around to it. Anyways I have been working here and there on this project. I finished painting and flocking the game board...
These pics are a kind of old...since then Ive started basing, painting, and flocking the trees and terrain pieces. Ill try and get some pics of them soon. I also have begun purchasing and assembling some scenario specific terrain pieces such as a crashed Valykrie with dead crew for our Imunda/ Necro games, a large temple like structure, and Im working ideas for a Nazi Basecamp in the South American jungles to stage their missions into Antartica from which I plan to include a UFO/ Saucer in (Weird War II is my current new shiny favorite thing for gaming). 
Till next time (which I really will try to make sooner I promise).