Sunday, December 6, 2009

Barring a terminal case of apathy or other real world interuptions...

Well hell I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and start a blog of my own. I plan to at least update this blog on a semi regular (read erratic) basis with my current projects and other gaming related items, news Im interested in, and whatever the hell else I feel like at the moment. Current interest are 20mm Moderns, 15mm WWII, and continuing work on a 40K set of skirmish/ RPG lite rules that are somewhere between the Mordheim and Inquisitor rulesets Ive been working on for my gaming group for the last few months (progress has been real slow as of late but hey it will be done when its done).

So until next time good luck and best wishes...Oh and who in the hells gaming group do these gals belong to?


Lobo said...

They still are a bit unnerving.. O_o


Brother Joseph said...


Weird WWII said...

Them ladies of Slaneesh so they got the best of both worlds so beware! Oh those chopping bits are a bit unnerving as well.


The guys expression in the background is classic!