Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wow where the hell did the time go?

Cant believe I havent updated this blog yet (well really I can, but thats my story and Im sticking to it). Actually it was just one of them years where real life just ups and bites you in the ass. I havent spent much time in the hobby but have just started getting back into it. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way here is a basic run down of what Ive been working on:

1. More terrain for our WWII games (lately its been Rapid Fire! 2 as we've been doing larger games but for Skirmish games I prefer Nuts!. Now if we can get Ed over at 2 Hour Wargames to finish the larger scale 5150 game he is working on we can port it over to WWII). Terrain is mainly buildings with some woods templates thrown in. Ill try to take some pics in a day or two as work permits and post some pics in the next post

2. A long long time ago over on DakkaDakka a chap named Migsula and some of his friends started a roleplay light version of Necromunda (Sometimes called Inquisimunda, Broodheim, or more commonly just =][=Munda) and ran a campaign called The Jade Vessel (which can be found here Jade Vessel ). This thread had some of the most innovative ideas and models I had seen in years and generated quite a bit of hype and offshoots. Lots of diffenrent groups started making their own rulesets to run similar games but no one has actually finished it and everyone seems to have a different idea on how to run/ organize it as the numerous discussions over on Dakka would indicate . So earlier this year I started out making a set of rules for our group (The whole free form and just run with idea they used would never work with most of my gaming buddies and the levels of silliness would escalate to armageddon like proportions quickly). What started out as a simple set of add-on rules for Necromunda has grown way beyond what was intentionnally intended. The unfinished set is over 100+ pages and growing. I have included a few sample pages below.

Id like to thank the numerous people who have inspired these rules Migsula from DakkaDakka (for generating the whole idea), Caelwyn, Azure, and all the other peeps over at the  Eastern Fringe Forums (for great ideas and rules inspiration), Col. Kane, Pontiff, and the Tales from the Maelstrom and Jeriko Reach crew (great to keep old school alive you guys are awesome), Anthony Case for some great Necro Rules , and of course anyone else I may have forgotten, missed, overlooked, misplaced, or neglected. Thanks all.


Colonel Kane said...

You're most welcome mate, and good work on your own stuff!

Alan said...


this is the exactly the kind of thing I have spent years trying to track down for my group: having giving up on trying to start anything from scratch on my own.

is there any way you would be willing to open up a dialogue on potentially sharing your homebrew set? of course I would not redistribute, etc., I am just looking for something to jumpstart any means to narrative style gaming in 40k.

my email is:

let me know what you can and when you can, Jared Lien.