Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More on =][=Munda

No posts in a year then two in one day what the hell is the world coming to? There are a few rulesets out there for =][=Munda.

Book of the Arbitrator
Torben Kastbjerg has put together the Book of the Arbitrator. This is a well made set of Fan made rules. Its readily apparent alot of work and thought went into this ruleset. There are some good ideas and concepts in there. He has made some major changes to the core rules which may or may not put people off. The rules are an in work progress and he has an expansion in work. Definantly worth checking out.

Jermey Olsen has released this set of rules which are add ons to the basic Necromunda ruleset. The rules are a work in progress and have quite a few warbands available. There is alot of possibility in this set. So check them out and let him know what you think at the Inquisimunda forum .

Both rulesets have threads started on some of the main 40k/ Necro forums DakkaDakka, Warseer, and Eastern Fringe.

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